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"It doesn't matter what you do every once in a while, What really matters is What "YOU" Do Every Single Day! - Mr. Smiley.

Lawson Pilgrim International

Welcome to Lawson Pilgrim's Motivational Clinics & Training, International, based in Dallas, Texas and serving clients around the Globe. Mr. Smiley's Mission is to help his Clients develop their Excellence, and to reach their Maximum Potential. 

Lawson specialize in providing professional development and ...

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Motivating, Empowering & Coaching Clients to Excellence!!!

Lawson Pilgrim International also specialize in providing bespoke Peak Performance, Professional Development and Motivational Services tailored to meet the Client's specific needs. 

Mr. Smiley, Our Super-Achieving Success Coach, and Author, leads A SUCCESS TEAM which consists of experienced Success Coaches, Peak ...

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What "THE PROS" Are Saying...

Lynn Humphries, Chair

Working with Lawson Pilgrim as the keynote speaker at our Arkansas Public Health Association annual meeting was an extremely uplifting, motivating, and invigorating experience. Just having the opportunity to speak to him on the phone puts a smile on your face!

After the Peak Performance Session, I received numerous positive comments from participants stating how much they had learned and enjoyed the session. And they were glad we were able to secure a speaker of Mr. Pilgrim’s caliber.

Anyone who speaks to Lawson Pilgrim for any reason will walk away with a different view of things and a smile on their face. We were greatly honored to have him speak to our group and would welcome the opportunity to invite him back.