Our Success Mentoring Programs for Youth

Self-Esteem Coaching - Success Mentoring for Students

Coaching Sessions for Our Youth focus on providing success strategies, fundamentals, and tools to develop daily winning habits, enhance their ability to use critical thinking skills, and inspire them to make “positive choices” leading to successful outcomes.

Sessions include 7 Success Modules: Self-Development, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Everyday Etiquette, Professionalism, Communication, Success Planning, and Conflict Resolution.

Inspirational Coaching - It's time to Be Outstanding for Students

Coaching Sessions for Our Youth, which focus on motivating and inspiring them to give their peak performance every day, whether in the classroom, at work, or in their community.

Our Youth will learn: the importance of having a Great Attitude, how to Set their Personal and Professional Goals, how to Think Positive, how to Motivate themselves, the importance of Cultivating Supportive Relationships, and understanding that Change equals Opportunity.

Safety Coaching - Bully Prevention Coaching for Students

Upon completing our “no bullying” coaching sessions, youth participants will clearly understand that bullying is not permitted.

Students will learn the definition of bullying, the different types of bullying, and the devastation bullying continues to cause in families. Participants will also learn the steps to take if they are bullied or witness bullying, and that bullying is against the law.

Safety Coaching - Conflict Resolution Coaching for Students

Coaching Sessions for Our Youth which focuses on enhancing their knowledge and understanding on “How to Resolve Conflicts” by providing them with “Actions and Tools” to develop Conflict Resolution Skills, such as:

(1) Defining Conflicts, (2) Types of Conflicts, (3) Role Playing, (4) Creating safe and supportive environments for comfortable participation, (5) brainstorming on alternatives… and more.

Students will learn: “Dialogue” is the most effective way of Resolving Conflicts.


At Lawson Pilgrim International, We're here to assist you on your Journey to a successful Transformation & Change. My Dedicated Team of Success Coaches and I are eager to hear from you, to listen to your goals, and help you make them a reality. Your Transformation begins with a simple message: "The Secret is You!" Contact us today, And let us help you create a future where you become the "ABSOLUTE BEST" Version of Yourself! - Coach Lawson Pilgrim         

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