Motivating, Empowering & Coaching Clients to Excellence!!!

Lawson Pilgrim International also specialize in providing bespoke Peak Performance, Professional Development and Motivational Services tailored to meet the Client's specific needs. 

Mr. Smiley, Our Super-Achieving Success Coach, and Author, leads A SUCCESS TEAM which consists of experienced Success Coaches, Peak Performance Speakers and Consultants with extensive exposure and deep expertise in a variety of industries. 

We are Experts in Motivating and Inspiring Clients, and Our Services will enable you to maximize the potential of your human capital for both the corporate sector and your community.

We provide Coaching Sessions that cover everything from presentation training, mentor coaching, virtual coaching, to success workshops and leadership boot camps. 

Contact us today to learn how Our "Tailor-made" Motivational and Professional Services can work for you. With Our help, your corporation can reach its Highest level of Success. It is time for your employees to realize just how Good they Really are! 

Corporate Office: 214.607.0419 or [email protected]

Call us! It's Time to "BE OUTSTANDING!"

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