Coaching: Adults

Coaching: Adults

Coaching: Adults

SUCCESS Mentoring Coaching for Adults.

Delivered as a Half-day or Full-day Coaching Session, this dynamic interactive, fun-filled and informative workshop targets the unique needs of Adults in their perspective careers, jobs or businesses. This success systems also challenges them to engage the power of attitude to make an even bigger impact in their lives and the lives of their co-workers. 

This success mentoring learning system can be used by small or large groups of adults, as well as, anyone else who is committed to their professional development. 

Participants realize immediate, career-enhancing benefits as they create a success action plan for continuous development.

Our SUCCESS Coaching Modules includes:

1. Self-Development

2. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

3. Every Etiquette

4. Professionalism

5. Communication

6. Success Planning

7. Bullying Prevention

8. Conflict Resolution

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At Lawson Pilgrim International, We're here to assist you on your Journey to a successful Transformation & Change. My Dedicated Team of Success Coaches and I are eager to hear from you, to listen to your goals, and help you make them a reality. Your Transformation begins with a simple message: "The Secret is You!" Contact us today, And let us help you create a future where you become the "ABSOLUTE BEST" Version of Yourself! - Coach Lawson Pilgrim         

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