Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Maximize motivation, performance, and results!

Your team may have just heard “Mr. Smiley” speak. They are energized, they are inspired, and they are pumped! They are energized, inspired, and on fire. But how can you be sure they will feel that way tomorrow?

Dealing with negative attitudes is one of the biggest challenges in the workplace. Moreover, the consequences always show up in your results.

Success is an attitude. If you are committed to building a workforce that is efficient, engaged, and passionate about achieving breakthrough results, you have to build personal accountability into the equation. That is where coaching comes in.

The Attitude Is Everything Coaching Program is designed to challenge your organization to individually and collectively become a positive force in the workplace. As they understand the power of attitude, they can begin to engage the power of choice to not only embrace better attitudes but to commit to a life of turning that attitude into action!

As America's peak performance coach, Lawson has helped to transform thousands of individuals and organizations. With more than 25 years of experience, he continues to passionately share his blueprint for success. This coaching system offers a unique advantage by incorporating the 10 life-changing strategies from his best-selling book, Peak Performance Fundamentals—the Secret is You!

While you could just buy the book, research shows that if a person only reads a book, that individual typically retains only about 3% of what they read. Furthermore, actually applying what they have read is an even lower percentage.

With the assistance of a coach, your employees will master the personal stumbling blocks keeping them from making their maximum contribution to your organization. Whether it is overcoming poor communication skills, procrastination, or an inability to delegate and manage work, this unique coaching process targets the core skills needed to compete and win in today's fast-paced business environment.

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At Lawson Pilgrim International, We're here to assist you on your Journey to a successful Transformation & Change. My Dedicated Team of Success Coaches and I are eager to hear from you, to listen to your goals, and help you make them a reality. Your Transformation begins with a simple message: "The Secret is You!" Contact us today, And let us help you create a future where you become the "ABSOLUTE BEST" Version of Yourself! - Coach Lawson Pilgrim         

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